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The protein shaker electric is sturdy, non-leaky, easy to hold and use. The disadvantage is that the parts are misplaced in the dishwasher. We prefer the vibrator attached to the rod of the lid. With that, we only need to unscrew the lid, put it in the dishwasher, and after washing, we only need to re-close the lid.
I just got the protein shaker bottle, so far I have fallen in love with protein shaker electric. It is very easy to clean, and it does exactly what the protein shaker electric should do—the protein shaker electric mixes without any problems. I was worried that protein shaker electric would leave powder residue, but protein shaker electric did not happen! I highly recommend protein shaker bottle. As a side note, I chose 24 ounces-I am glad I did-I think the extra space allows for better mixing (I only use 12 ounces at a time)

This is only my second shaker, so I am not an expert; but it has everything I want.
The markings are clear, the beard is separated from the lid, will not leak, and when you carry a pile or other things, you can easily carry it with just one finger. There is no problem with the dishwasher, but I never put the beard in
Love protein shaker electric. I have an older version and I replaced my weight gain shake with protein shaker electric, which contains a lot of bulky ingredients; this helps break down any pieces you may have. If you can use crushed ice, that’s also very helpful. The small handle on the lid is super convenient and easy to clean. Like the flip-top drinking cap, there is no groove to let things get stuck, and it must be cleaned up later. For aesthetic reasons, I got the all-black variety.
This changed my life. Over the years, I have used protein a lot, trying different brands based on the availability, taste, and deals I found. Each brand and flavor has a different degree of miscibility, and most of them will cause a big mess when shaken in a normal bottle. With my recent purchase of protein (BodyTech), I started to get tired of my muddy protein shakes after working out, and decided to see what the fuss was about Voltrx bottles.
The fact is that protein shaker electric is only effective. Mix the protein into a smooth and delicious milkshake.