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In fact, fruits also contain high-calorie foods. When we eat fruits, we often hear that mangoes are not to be eaten, because mangoes are very high in calories, and it is easy to get fat if you eat too much. Many people feel very strange and think that mango is not like a high-calorie food. So do you think mango is a high-calorie food? Let’s take a look at the fitness food!

Is mango a high-calorie food? What fruits can’t be eaten to lose weight

   Is mango a high-calorie food?
  Mango is not a high-calorie food. The calorie of mango is not high. 100g of edible mango has 35 calories, and a small edible part of mango is about 150g, and the calories are only 53 calories. This shows that mango is a relatively low-calorie food and can be eaten in moderation during weight loss.

   Will eating mango make you fat?
   will not be fat, but it is colder and people with poor stomach should not eat more. Mango fruit contains mango keto acid, isomango alkyd and other triacetic acid and polyphenol compounds, which have anti-cancer pharmacological effects; mango juice can also increase gastrointestinal motility and shorten the residence time of feces in the colon. Therefore, eating mango is very beneficial to the prevention and treatment of colon cancer.

   The nutritional value of mangoes is very high. The vitamin A content is as high as 3.8%, which is twice as much as that of apricots. The content of vitamin C also exceeds that of oranges and strawberries. Mango contains sugar, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, which are all necessary for the human body.

Is mango a high-calorie food? What fruits can’t be eaten to lose weight

  What fruits can’t be eaten to lose weight
   Durian should be a fruit that many people love very much, but durian is very high in calories, fat content, and sugar content, so it is not suitable for weight loss. Durian has high nutritional value. Regular consumption can strengthen the body, promote blood circulation and dispel cold, relieve menstrual pain, and nourish the body for postpartum women. But durian controllers, please pay attention. Compared with apples containing 60 calories per 100 grams, the same amount of durian calories is-459 calories! Durian is rich in protein, lipids and sugars. The calories are amazing. If you eat too much, it will grow. If you are obese, people with diabetes should not eat.

   The taste of custard apple is very sweet, which means that the sugar content is high, so it is not suitable for weight loss. After eating 100g of custard apple, you need to walk for 72.4 minutes to consume it. It has high carbohydrates and high water content. You can eat it in moderation during weight loss. Each 100 grams of custard apples can contain 15.3%~18.3% total sugars and 265mg of vitamin C. As the custard apple has a sweet taste and higher sugar content. Diabetics should eat with caution.