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  After exercise some glutamine + BCAA, to promote muscle synthesis, to help the recovery after fitness, brush fat can also be muscle preservation. Glutamine is an abundant free amino acid inside and outside the body’s cells that plays a central role in protein and energy metabolism, while BCAA, which are often referred to as branched-chain amino acids. They not only help the body recover from fatigue and promote muscle synthesis, but also resist muscle breakdown and maintain a higher metabolism during the fat brushing period.

  BCAA’s three main effects:

  Help muscle synthesis

  Prevent muscle loss

  Accelerates fatigue recovery

  Glutamine seven main effects

  1: Facilitate the rapid recovery of the body’s energy substances and strengthen the fitness effect.

  2: Helps improve the ability to fight infection after exercise and reduce the chance of illness.

  3: Glutamine can improve improve brain function and enhance learning ability.

  4: Promote the body’s antioxidant capacity and promote the synthesis of natural antioxidants.

  5: It facilitates insulin secretion and promotes good health.

  6: Glutamine supplementation can maintain and even improve the body’s immunity.

  7: It is extremely important to maintain the biological function of the cells in the official lumen of the gastrointestinal tract and promote gastrointestinal health.